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Marie Wasie preschoolUCP of Broward is planning a complete renovation of the Marie Wasie Early Beginnings Preschool. With the help of The Wasie Foundation, the plan is to create a state of the art facility that will provide the most current level of technology relevant to the population served.

The project is currently in the initial phase, research and development, which has consisted of planning meetings, site visits to other facilities and consulting with professionals in the field. In addition, an expert panel is being organized for the project in order to maximize the success of the project. The objective is to learn about state of the art technology and products and how to apply such concepts to accommodate the special needs of the children served.

Once the desired level of technology, project plan and design has been determined, the next phase will be to begin the exterior renovations (which include new roofing, façade, landscaping and playground) and one classroom.

The final phase of the renovation project will be completing the remainder of the classrooms using the first as the model. Current discussion indicates that the cost of this project will be funded by a Wasie-UCP partnered capital campaign with Wasie Foundation providing the startup funds.


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Pat Murphy
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